Bring your own cooler with food and beverages for the trip. We suggest pre-made sandwiches to make your time in the kitchen easy. My personal favorite is cold fried chicken. The ocean can get pretty bumpy some days, so bringing things that are easy to make is a good move. Hot dogs are easy too. You will also bring too much food so think about your day before you bring enough food to last a week, I see it on almost every trip.

Bring a bag or two of ice so we can keep your catch fresh. Our freezer is very small and usually full of bait.

Beer, wine, soft drinks and water are all acceptable forms of hydration.

Bring your fishing license. Yes we will ask to see it.

Bring a jacket, it can get chilly out there, it is often 10 degrees cooler on the water than in town.

Wear non marking shoes, if your shoes leave little black marks on my deck you will be fishing bare foot.

Bring a great attitude and prepare to have fun.

Bring a little cash for the deckhand. He works hard all day to make sure you have good bait, cleans your fish, untangles your lines, and will probably even bring you a beer if you ask. He will help you with any problems or questions on deck so its only fair to drop a few bucks on him at the end of the day. He will remember you and you might get his favorite rod on your next trip.

What to bring with you

Illegal drugs of any kind. We are a zero tolerance boat, if you are found to have drugs on board your trip is over, no refund. This includes medical marijuana so don't ask if its ok, it is not, and we don't care that you have a card.

Too many coolers or personal belongings. We have limited space for coolers and belongings on board. 1 cooler for every 2 people max. If your belongings don't fit in a backpack then you brought too many items. 

Hard liquor. I hate to have this rule, I know there are people who can enjoy liquor responsibly, but that is just not my experience on the boat. Every single time someone has brought a bottle on board, at least one person becomes intoxicated enough to become a problem, a safety issue for others and themselves. Bring plenty of beer but leave the bottles at home. 

We take your safety seriously on this boat, the ocean is a dangerous place, so lets have a fun and safe trip.

​Oh yeah, I almost forgot, NO BANANAS. 

What NOT to bring with you